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Premier Veterinary Care and Resort Premier Veterinary Care and Resort

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Gentle Care Pet Grooming in Mandeville, LA

A dog mid-grooming

Gentle Care Pet Grooming in Mandeville, LA

Premier Veterinary Care and Resort offers high-quality grooming care for cats and dogs and Mandeville, LA. Your pet’s health and appearance is a key component to their overall quality of life, and we are dedicated to providing gentle grooming care for your best friend.

One of our well-groomed patients

Routine grooming care is not just about making your pet look good. Our professional groomers take time to carefully examine your pet’s fur, hair, skin and ears for any potential medical issues that might cause infection or disease. Our pet groomers are professionally trained and up-to-date with the latest practices in grooming care. They know how to work with different breeds and cuts, and they accept special requests for cats and dogs. At Premier Veterinary Care and Resort, our team makes every effort to ensure your pet’s grooming experience is comfortable and stress-free.

We provide the following grooming services:

  • Baths—A warm bath keeps your pet's fur/hair clean and they always smell great afterwards.
  • Hair Cuts and Shaves—Cutting or shaving your pet's hair can help prevent matting and excessive shedding. Full-body cuts usually depend on your pet's breed and/or your personal styling preferences.
  • Brushing—A professional brush-out removes loose hair and helps your pet maintain a healthy coat.
  • Ear cleaning—We clean the inside of your pet’s ears to remove dirt or wax and to check for ear infections.
  • Toenail trims
  • Anal gland expression

Premier Veterinary Care and Resort grooming services are by appointment only. To book a grooming session for your pet, please call us at (985) 951-2305 or request an appointment today.