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Premier Veterinary Care and Resort Premier Veterinary Care and Resort

(985) 951-2305 1200 W Causeway Approach #30, Mandeville, LA 70471

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How Did We Do?

Our furry receptionist

How Did We Do?

We would love to hear your feedback about your visit at Premier Veterinary Care and Resort. Check out our client testimonials and reviews, and please reach out to us with any feedback.

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“Highly recommend! The facility is clean and state of the art. Dr. Hamer and her staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating. They were compassionate and truly showed care for my dog. I felt so at ease during his testing knowing they had their attention focused on him and his well being.”
— Kristian
“My experience here was so relieving! It's amazing to finally find a boarding place for my dog that I can trust will take great care of my dog. My Aussie didn't want to leave the other dogs when it was time for me to pick her up. This place should be your go-to for dog boarding, and their other services are inexpensive as well-- cheap enough for a college student to afford. ”
— Cameron
“Dr. Hamer and her staff exuded confidence which relieved my anxiety about leaving my baby at a new place. The atmosphere of clean cloud looking painted floors was crisp and airy, giving a spacious feel. The glass wall and doors allowed pets to see comings & goings which peaked their interest all day long in the common area. I highly recommend Premier.”
— Angela
“Call this place first! Dr. Hamer is extremely compassionate and reassuring. I was thoroughly relieved once getting a proper diagnosis for my cats. I found a fantastic place I can really trust with a truly gifted doctor who understands individual concerns and affordability. It's called "Premier" for a reason.”
— Sarah
“I'm very pleased with their work, prices, and the amazing staff. They are very compassionate and caring. I highly recommend them for your fur babies.”
— Shanna