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Advanced Pet Digital Radiography

Premier Veterinary Care and Resort is a family-oriented practice equipped with modern diagnostic technology and equipment. Our team relies on these advanced in-house diagnostic tools to quickly identify signs of potential illness and accurately determine the best treatment options for your pet.

Digital radiography offers a clear and enhanced view of your pet's internal organs. The x-ray images help us assess medical issues in the heart, lungs, bones, abdomen, urinary system and reproductive tract so we can provide a timely and effective diagnosis. The digital x-rays are quickly processed in our in-house lab and sent to a board-certified radiologist for review.


Premier Veterinary Care and Resort is proud to offer the latest digital radiography modality which produces high-resolution images that clearly indicate problem areas. This advanced imaging system penetrates through body tissues to show internal structures and is sensitive enough for use on young puppies and kittens as well as large adult animals. In addition, the risk of radiation exposure for your pet is significantly lower with digital x-rays compared to traditional x-ray equipment.

Digital x-ray images are very useful in diagnosing a wide variety of medical issues. At Premier Veterinary Care and Resort, we use digital radiography to identify simple problems as well as life-threatening complications. In some cases, we use digital x-rays and ultrasound scans to get a more complete view of your pet's internal health. X-rays images can help diagnose the following ailments:

  • Fractures and broken bones

  • Swollen joints

  • Foreign objects in the abdomen

  • Heart conditions

  • Urinary issues

  • Arthritis

  • Detecting dental disease below the gumline

To learn more about Premier Veterinary Care and Resort digital radiography services, please call us at (985) 951-2305.



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